sábado, 21 de outubro de 2017

Reasons why you should plan your week

This week I didn’t post. There was a lot going on in my head, I was frightened by all the troubles happening in my country, I was anxious because I’d start my appointments with patients at the uni clinic and everything went crazy – I haven’t planned my week.

I usually choose weekends to catch up and note down what I have to do on the next week: there’s always work as a makeup artist and my facebook page to run, posts to edit and a lot of school study. It took me some time to understand how planning worked out so let’s make this simple for you:
- Write down your obligations: start with those things you cannot forget or miss out, this will make you get a real idea of how much your week is scheduled; for me it’s mainly school exams/work deadlines and work with makeup clients.
- Note your extra activities: you’re going to pilates this week? Writing it on your agenda will make that happen (this is a personal tip, I tend to miss gym when I don’t plan for it). Dinner with friends, birthdays, a romantic date – all listed.
- House chores: these are boring but part of your week too, why would you clean everything on Saturday when you can break it down and do small chores during the week? Thank me later! Don’t forget to plan meals too.
- Resting time: nowadays we live so fully and so fast that we forget to take some me time; if it helps, put it on your diary, there’s always time for a good cup of tea and candles.

Love you all 

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