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5 Autumn Basics | The checked blazer and other stories

My relationship with this trend started as a love/hate one. Honestly, there’s something in me that repulses a piece when it gets too trendy – everyone will use it, the originality will be lost and it goes from trend to a random boring piece. That happened with straw bags, mules and so many other pieces that spammed my instagram daily. But when I entered H&M and bumped into this blazer, it all went away. The shy red details lining the pattern were pure perfection. I saw myself wearing that jacked in 10 years, in 20… In that day, I surrendered to the checked blazer. And end up using it on Lisbon Fashion Week.

Once this is my favorite season and we are rebranding our closets, I chose 5 ultimate Autumn Basics.
1. The checked blazer – You can find this piece in any fashion department these days and my reasons to buy it, here.
2. A golden necklace – Debora Rosa and Aimee Song made me do it! It’s unbelievable how such a simple piece can complete your outfits and give it a twist. It goes almost with everything and the best tip is to wear it layered. My favourite are from CINCO store.
3. The basic white T – Who the heck doesn’t have a white t-shirt? Good, now you just have to pair it with the right pieces. During the transitional season it’s all about mom/straight jeans and a nice blazer. This is a good piece to invest in, but if you prefer cheaper options, Zara makes them just as great.
4. Leather skirt – This piece is one of those problematic things in fashion, along with the leopard print. But fear not, this season there’s nothing more elegant than a leather skirt – it’s all about dressing it up: choose a sweater for some comfort or a shirt for a more office vibe.

5. Sock boots – Looks weird at first but then you get used to it. If someone told me that I would be craving some Balenciaga sock boots some years ago I would doubt that very much. The truth is that I really do. For a less expensive option yet still luxurious, go for a walk on Lefties or Zara.

Love you all 

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  1. Adoro tudo neste outfit!
    Um beijinho,

  2. Adoro completamente o look!!
    E ainda mais o blog querida! Passa no meu e segue! <3


  3. ADORO O LOOK! <3

  4. Adoro o blazer e a mala!! O conjunto ficou lindo...

    Novo post: http://abpmartinsdreamwithme.blogspot.pt/2017/10/os-meus-desejos-do-momento.html

    Beijinhos ♥